Ochre Cracked Earth – round (set of 3)


This triptych focuses on my signature style of ‘cracked earth’. I developed this style whilst observing my Country over the years, creating my first cracked earth piece in 2008. Kamilaroi country is often dry and cracked, but rich and deep in history, culture and story as represented by the space in between. The white dots between the cracks are a representation of continually walking through different pathways, finding more about who I am and the journeys of my Ancestors.
This artwork represents growth, through exploring and adapting my style over time, and growth in my understanding and connection. As much as I explore different journeys through my art style, I keep coming back to the cracked earth shapes, circling around to the start of my journey which began as somewhat of a healing process in learning and strengthening my identity. These shapes in my work often illustrate bringing pieces of a puzzle together, just as I am in my own journey.

This artwork featured as part of Leahs 2022 solo exhibition, ‘Life Source’. Zoom in on the image to see the texture of the ochre. The details captured through professional artwork scanning makes the print look just like the original!

This is a set of 3 prints.

Printed on Canson Platine Fibre Rag

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