Ocean Edge Collection

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The Collection:

The Ocean Edge collection, over a year in the making, is Leah’s first large collection release.
Leah chose to focus on her Ocean Edge design that she developed in 2017, not only for its popularity, but for its message and connection.
Though Leah’s Country is inland from the Ocean, Leah and her family have a strong connection to Ocean Country. Leah remembers spending a great deal of time at the beach with her family on holidays. From making sand castles, searching through rock pools, swimming and floating in the water, these core memories with her family, especially her Dad who is with Leah’s Ancestors in the Dreaming, are some of her most precious memories to date. Going to the Ocean is importantly one of Leah’s strategies to support her mental health,
along with passing on her childhood memories to her children, and creating new ones.

The Story:

Ocean Edge represents the flow and relationship between land and ocean from an aerial perspective. There is a lot happening in our lives, we sometimes forget to slow down and we lose the flow. Relating the constant tide coming in and out and the untiring flush of waves to the ups and downs in our lives puts things in perspective. Looking out to the ocean reminds me to take a breath, take a step back, ground my feet in the Earth, focus on family and what is important right now, and find a better flow to the busyness of life.
The first rush of salt water over my feet as I step in to the ocean is a feeling of freedom.

Leah asks that you take time in looking through the collection and think about how you and your family connect to Ocean Country.

Maaruba Yaluu