Leah Brideson | Copyright | ACT ATSI Agreement

Corporate commissions

Looking to brighten up your work place or business with a contemporary Aboriginal art piece? Leah can create a statement piece that starts a conversation or continues the journey in your workplace centred around the stories and richness of Aboriginal culture. Leah also tailors designs to meet your vision, strategy and business model requirements. Contact Leah to yarn about your vision.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Artwork

Leah Brideson and Paul McKee | Copyright | ACT Education Directorate RAP

Is your group, workplace or business developing or have you already developed a RAP that requires a concept piece to display, inspire and visually communicate the process? Leah customises RAP designs to suit the vision and outcomes of your RAP, aligned to your business and to the strength and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Leah tailors to any business in any state or territory across Australia. Contact Leah to yarn about your RAP vision.

Previous Reconciliation Action Plans and Agreements:

ACT Education Directorate Reconciliation Action Plan in collaboration with artwork by Paul McKee.

‘Water Dreaming’, 2015.

This artwork represents a buildup of energy, like the energy you feel before a storm. This intense energy, as symbolized by the blue colours in the background, is the catalyst for change and growth. The artwork encompasses 3 circles that signify the imminent journeys through which downpour brings and filters throughout the land, providing a support structure for change and growth. The various ochre colored cracked earth shapes are the trickle effect of the storm and are singing with the energy (as represented by the surrounding dots), creating a mutual conversation and relationship which lives, grows and strengthens as times goes by.


ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2019-2028  ‘Strength in Community’ (pictured at top of page)

Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman ACT 2019 ‘Community Together’

Communities @ Work Reflect RAP 2020 ‘Burrul-gi-gi, Wuuri’

Community Together | Copyright | Leah Brideson
Community Together. Acrylic on canvas, 2018.
Burrul-gi-gi, Wuuri. Acrylic on canvas, 2019.


Is there an in or outdoor space that needs brightening with Leah’s artwork style? Leah designs murals for small to large spaces that can be painted directly to a wall, or on to removable boards. Leah has created murals for childcare centres and schools and is open to any kind of space that needs uplifting and connecting with authentic Aboriginal art. Contact Leah to yarn about a mural space and concept.

Totom House Mural – Community Together. Acrylic on wooden board, 2017.
UPCCC Mural. Acrylic on wooden board, 2016.

Past Commissions

  • ACT Education Directorate – Student Aspirations logo. Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo. 2012.
  • ACT Education DirectorateOur Mob Our Stories 2014-2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Action Plan. 2m x 1m canvas. Nov 2013.
  • Sweet Bones Bakery and Café – Painted Table ‘Day of the Dead’. 90cm round wooden table. 2013.
  • Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA) / Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE) ConferenceCapitalising on Curiosity. Conference and promotional items logo. 2014.
  • ACT Education DirectorateWater Dreaming, 2015 – 2018 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 24 x 36 inch canvas. 2015.
  • Australian National University Preschool and Childcare Centre – Outdoor Mural representing the community, children and families. 3m x 1m wooden board. Aug 2016.
  • St Michaels Primary School – Earth is our Mother. Year 6 presentation gift to the school. 24 x 36 inch canvas. Dec 2016.
  • Australian Education Union – Collective, for the refurbishment of the Canberra office. 60 x 36 inc canvas. Jan 2017.
  • Calvary Hospital Birth Centre – Birth with Country. 30 x 30 inch canvas. May 2017.
  • Totom House Early Child Care Centre – Outdoor Mural. Community Together. 5m x 50cm wooden board. Oct 2017.
  • ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Section – Logo. Dec 2017.
  • ACT OmbudsmanCommunity Together. Winning Artwork and RAP Artwork. March 2018.
  • Whitehaven Coal, July 2018 – She sings through the Generations – reflecting the 2018 NAIDOC theme. 56 x 44inch canvas. Sydney Corporate Office. July 2018.
  • ACT Government – ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2019-2028. Commissioned artwork reflecting the Agreement titled, Strength in Community. 36 x 48inch canvas. February 2019.
  • Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). ‘Warranggal Baynyi (Strong Ripple)Ethical Research Guidelines Artwork Commission. 30 x 40 inch canvas. June 2019.
  • RELATBL Recruiting Pty LtdLogo and Office Commissioned Artwork. 18 x 24 inch canvas. August 2019.
  • UNSW International Society for Air Breathing Engines (ISABE) Conference. Fine Art Prints of Perspectives for International Delegates and large framed Fine Art Print. Sept 2019.
  • BW TribalCollaboration, licensed ‘Ocean Edge’ and Water Illuminated’ for use on apparel and giftwares. Aug 2019.
  • Universities Australia, December 2019 – ‘Burrul-Gi-Gi, Wuuri’. Christmas Card Artwork. 18 x 24 inch.
  • BW TribalCollaboration, licensed ‘Yaliwunga Nguwa (Always Here)’ for use on apparel and giftwares. Jan 2020.
  • Communities@Work – ‘Burrul-Gi-Gi, Wuuri’. Reconciliation Action Plan. 50cm round. Feb 2020.


  • BWTribal Clothing Collaboration. Licensing of, ‘Oceans Edge‘, ‘Water Illuminated‘ 2019 and ‘Yaliwunga Nguwa’ 2020 on apparel and giftware.
  • Even Playing Field Clothing Collaboration. Licensing of, ‘Woman. Celebration. Life’ 2019 on sporting apparel.
Leah Brideson | Copyright | Water Illuminated
Water Dreaming. Acrylic on canvas, 2019.
BW Tribal Polo featuring Water Dreaming.

Leah Brideson | Copyright | Oceans Edge
Leah and Breeza. Ocean Edge Legging from BW Tribal. 2019.