Maaruma-li, meaning ‘heal’ in Gamilaraay language, represents the 2021 NAIDOC theme, ‘Heal Country’ through the lenses of connection and active listening. The river lines through the middle symbolise the continuous journey of our relationship and connection to Country that starts before time and goes beyond words. Country is our life line. Our identity is embedded in Country. We are all Country’s children, we are her voice and we all have a responsibility to protect and heal her. The concentric circles throughout the painting represent First Nations voices and taking the time to actively listen and learn from us about ways we have been healing Country for thousands of years. For. Thousands. Of. Years! If Country’s voice won’t be heard, we need to continue to amplify it for her protection and for the futures of our Children. The journey lines are connecting these voices across the Country and strengthening them to create real, active and overdue change.

This artwork was featured in collaboration with BW Tribal as part of their 2021 NAIDOC release.

Printed on Canson Platine Fibre Rag.

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