Currents – ochre, white, silver, gold


Currents is a representation of the shift in learning, rediscovering history and culture, and thinking and knowing through a First Nations lens. I have worked for the ACT Education Directorate across several schools on Ngunnawal Country for more than 15 years and have supported and observed overdue change in how Educators approach learning about and through First Nations cultures, especially through knowing the truth of our shared history.
I hear talk about our cultures, identity and our knowledges in present tense, I see respect for our cultures through the lens of our stories, and I feel a shift in attitudes and confidence in First Nations perspectives and knowledges highlighted in everyday learning.
The currents of positive change are flowing, the ripple effect is reaching further than before, and with this, my own knowledge, identity and connection to my culture grow stronger every day.

  • Acrylic on canvas.
  • 76cm x 51cm (landscape orientation)
  • Ready to hang (2 x triangle hooks)

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